November 18th, 2005

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Coupon madness

I received a coupon in my email today for a free burrito at Moe's Southwest Grill in Mahwah. So that's where I went for dinner. I had a Homewrecker. (All their entrees have funny names.) Hooray for free food! Later on, I saw that I actually got that same email in more than one email account, so in all likelihood, Moe's used the services of a spammer to promote their restaurants and I probably should not have gone there out of principle. Dagnabbit! (Or maybe I should've gotten one burrito for each instance of the spam email I received. :) )

Okay, then I went to Borders in Paramus to use a coupon from them that I also received in email. Not spam this time because I did sign up for their mailing list. Got the book and went to checkout. The cashier lady took a look at the Where's George bills and told me that those won't circulate because the bank will shred them, etc, etc. Hrm... well, cashier lady, I have six years of experience with Where's George bills that circulate to show that you're incorrect but you're entitled to your delusion of knowledge as long as you stop yapping and ring up my purchase!

Last night, I saw the plush husky do a trick. I tossed it onto the bed. It bounced, flipped over, and landed in an upright sitting position facing me. I thought that was so neat.