December 1st, 2005


Fall Cleaning - 3rd week

No, the fall cleaning didn't end last week. It's still going, although at a slower pace. Because I was able to free up some bookshelves, the stacks of books that used to be on the floor are now on the shelves and there's more floor space. Progress.

Today, I went looking around in the back room. There's a lot of old computer stuff there:
  • Gravis Gamepad from 1991!
  • Borland Sidekick 1.0 on a single 3-1/2" diskette from 1994. (When was the last time you had retail software that fit on a single diskette? Also, there's a letter in this package saying that I won the software in a WABC radio contest.)
  • Norton Backup on a 5-1/4" floppy disk. (I no longer have the hardware to check if it is still readable.)
  • A box full of cables, speakers, mice, etc, retained from old computers. I probably intended to reuse those after upgrading.
  • A 2400 baud Wang internal modem. (Remember Wang Laboratories?)
So I could either stick all those items in geocaches or start a computer museum.

A while ago, I received a postcard from USPS saying that post offices now have expanded hours until 7pm on weekdays. I went to the nearest post office this evening but it was closed. Now I see from their post office locator that the late hours are only at the Pearl River, Hillsdale, and Westwood locations. Oh well. I can go to the Pearl River post office another evening.