December 6th, 2005

No Parking

No silk in Silk City

Went out to the Silk City Micro 5 geocache this afternoon. There's snow on the ground now, so the area looks like this. Then I checked the online logs and found out that the cache had been tampered with. So that's why half of it is missing.

I noticed that the Bergen toll plaza has been converted to one-way tolls, i.e. instead of paying 35 cents both ways, now it is 70 cents Northbound and no charge Southbound. So if I take Route 17 South to the Parkway ramp in Paramus, I don't have to pay a toll until the Essex toll plaza. Of course, that doesn't help on the way back. I believe they're doing this in order to ease congestion around toll plazas. However, if it were not for the Parkway debt, it would be better to remove all tolls and fund road maintenance with gas taxes.

Not going to Virginia Beach this year. With Things Unlimited shut down, that takes away half the reason for going. So that leaves Hardee's. I was checking their store locator and on this map, it looks like they have a store in Shirley over in Long Island. But the listing says that's a Roy Rogers. So something's screwy at Know-Where Systems. (I think that actually is a Roy Rogers. I've seen it before.)