December 22nd, 2005

fox stand

Cardboard World

Neverending cleanup continues. Actually freed up quite a lot of space today. I still have lots of retail software that I haven't or am not ready to give away yet. (e.g. TaxCut versions from past years. I may still need to install them to view old tax files.) One thing I realized is even if I'm keeping the software, there's no reason to keep the boxes. Most software these days don't come with much printed documentation. Some don't have any print documentation at all, so they're just CDs rattling around in otherwise empty boxes, a ridiculous waste of space.

So last night and this morning, I repacked all the software media into gallon-sized storage bags. And this afternoon, I took a dozen large bags of software boxes over to the town dump recycling center. Presumably, they'd have more room than my dumpster for this waste. Wrong-o. When I got there, I saw that their dumpsters were already overflowing with paper and cardboard!

Also went to the supermarket to get more gallon-sized storage bags. Returned home and continued packing the software media. By the time I was done, I had freed up several bookshelves and half of the living room table.

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