December 26th, 2005


Christmas Day

It was a cloudy day. Went back to sleep for a few more hours after breakfast.

In the afternoon, it was raining, but I figured I could swing by the America--Remembers- Silk City Micro 1 geocache in West Side Park in Paterson. I'd been there before but I couldn't figure out the code. This time, I ignored the code. Instead, I used the hints and checked the likely objects in the area one at a time until I found it. So it wasn't too difficult. However, the Passaic River scenery was rather gloomy.

Then I knew the Chinese supermarket would be open today, so I went there. Because it's a Sunday, they had everything. So I got fried noodles and porridge (for breakfast) and roast pork buns, which happened to be on sale. Also got some unusual cookies, which will be a surprise because I've never had those before. (My shopping strategy: pick items at random from the discount section)

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