Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Lovely weather today but it was only an abbreviated trip to Long Island for 7 caches. Got all the way to Shinnecock (wonder what that name means) and came back. Did manage, however, to finally take a stab at JMB-16 Hot Water. I guess the terrain is difficult for Long Island but not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. It really isn't quite as strenuous as some of the hikes I've been doing at Harriman State Park on weekday evenings.

I also successfully found the final stage of Caroon's Cache without coordinates. Had to do that because I couldn't find the second stage! Good thing the final location was nearby and easily guessable.

Caroon's Cache (New York)
Massapequa Preserve in Massapequa. Nice trails but muddy at the final stage of the cache. The second stage was missing so I had to guess at the location of the final stage. Fortunately, that proved to be quite easy and the cache was also easy to spot.

JMB-49-Saddle Up! (New York)
Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon. The recommended route goes on a small trail through the swamp but I knew an easier way to get there and used that to my advantage.

Mac-17 (New York)
Arthur H. Kunz County Park in Smithtown. Easy and straightforward cache. The glacial erratic near the cache location is an interesting feature. The abandoned car by the trail is also an interesting feature.

Eons-6 Tutor-Time Blizzard Beach (New York)
Strip mall in Holbrook. Apparently, Tutor Time is a commercial kindergarten chain.

Mac-21 WG in Shinnecock (New York)
Meschutt Beach County Park in Hampton Bays. This is by the Shinnecock Canal, which technically cuts the South Fork off into a separate island. An interesting walk along a rock pier to the location.

Shinnecock Hills (New York)
Shinnecock Hills Preserve in Southampton.

JMB-16 Hot Water (New York)
Manorville. This is supposed to be a 4WD cache but I did it by driving in as far as I could go and walking the rest of the way. Since I didn't dare drive into the big puddle, it was maybe 1.2 to 1.3 miles to the cache on foot. Not that bad considering I've walked further for some Harriman State Park caches.

The pump attendant at the Express gas station this evening seemed quite displeased that he had to stop watching television for a few minutes in order to pump gas for me. In New Jersey, there is a law against self-service at gas stations so the pump attendant is effectively a state-mandated job. I know there are many genuinely helpful pump attendants out there but the least the rest of them could do is be nice. After all, there is nothing special or precious about the work. If there weren't a law against it, I could fill the tank myself!

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