January 7th, 2006

fox yawn

Postal Adventures

Going to Atlantic City again. Yay!

The local post office has had late hours (until 7pm weekdays) for several months now, but I only started taking advantage of those late hours this evening when I went there to get 2-cent stamps for the postage rate increase. Unfortunately, the post office didn't have many of those stamps left. They said more stamps will be coming in next week. So I got a few sheets of 1-cent stamps, which they had in abundance. I wonder how much it costs the USPS to print sheets of self-adhesive 1-cent stamps. Are those even profitable?

I noticed that The Radio Chick is back on an NYC radio station. 92.3 Free FM, to be specific. Other than the show being in the evenings instead of mornings, it's just like old times again.

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