January 30th, 2006


The Long and Island-like Place

Went to Long Island today. I wasn't going to go, except that I've already been to all the other regions in the last month or so, and I also had a travel bug to deliver to Long Island. (It wants to go to Queens, so I figured I could leave it in Manhasset and let someone else take it the last few miles over into Queens.) From the way I wrote that, you can tell that Long Island is no longer among my favorite places to visit. (with all due apologies to Long Island residents reading this) The reason for that is more often than not, something untoward has happened to mar the experience.

This time it was Crazy Screaming Man. I was just leaving Froehlich Farms and I was waiting at a red traffic light. Then this guy pulled up next to me (in order to do that, he went into the lane for oncoming traffic). Then he honked, looked out his passenger window, and yelled a bunch of obscenities. Then he drove off. I wish I'd thought of getting his plate number. I have no idea what set him off, but just to be on the safe side, please stop leaving burning bags of poop on his doorstep and ringing the doorbell, forcing him to stomp out the fire with his expensive Italian loafers. :)

Anyway, the weather was okay in the morning but it rained in the afternoon, heavily at times. So once it started raining, I picked up a bunch of quick geocaches and then went for dinner at the Baldwin KFC/LJS. (it was dark anyway by then)

The caches...Collapse )