January 31st, 2006

No Parking

Monday Mix

I found a small plastic baggie with a few cache items in it on the passenger-side floor. It must have fallen out of a geocache some time yesterday. So if I figure out which cache it belongs to, I'll have to go back to Long Island to put it back. Ah well. I'll give it a month so that there's a fresh batch of geocaches to find.

The spam folder in my Gmail account has been bulking up steadily. Other than just deleting the spam, I was wondering if I could extract the messages and send them in bulk over to Blue Security for processing and spam reporting. So I took a look at this Gmail API. However, a glance at the API documentation didn't look too promising for what I wanted to do. Then I went back to the Blue Security website and saw that they have a new Firefox extension for reporting spam directly from Gmail's spam folder. Works like a charm, even if it was a bit confusing at first. (I needed to turn off the automatic reporting feature so that I could control it. Otherwise it starts running whenever I access Gmail.)

A funny housing bubble blog I came across while doing some websearches: Central New Jersey Piece of S**t House
Be amazed at this bunch of less-than-desirable houses selling for six-figure amounts!

Borrowed from NNJ R.E. Bubble:
Trump sues, claiming he's undervalued
Because when you're a billionaire, getting called a mere hundred-millionaire really hurts! :)