February 5th, 2006


Northwest/West NJ

The first part was a race to see how many geocaches I could do before the rain started. Well, not really but I was curious as to how long the clouds could hold it. Also, I don't think I picked the quickest geocaches this morning. Anyway, the answer is five. Then I got rained on.

So I went to Blairstown/Hope and got a few more. Two were fast enough to do in the rain, but the one at Swayze Mill took way too long because of the brush in the last 100 feet. After that, the winter showers turned into a winter monsoon and that's when I decided to quit and go have dinner and do shopping in East Hanover.

Kam Man: Got apples again. They have some good apples, but I had to rummage through the whole pile of apples to find the half dozen or so that aren't bruised or injured.

Penang: Had Chinese New Year specials. I'm trying a new item on the special menu every visit. I don't think I'll get them all this New Year but not all the specials are worth trying. (Pork trotters? Ugh.)

Home Depot: Got a roll of non-slip shelf lining. Hopefully this will work for reinforcing the soles of paw slippers.

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