February 7th, 2006

fox sit

Tick Tock, Gotta Blog

It's a little colder today, but overall, this winter has been quite mild. Unlike previous years, I don't think there was a day when the temperature got down to the single digits. There have even been days at a stretch when the daytime temperatures were over 50°F. Rather Spring-like. Unfortunately, because of the mild winter, there has also been an early reappearance of ticks. Ugh. At the SEPAG event the weekend before last, the ever-humorous Docdesi said that he was the FTF. Not "first to find" the cache, but First Tick Finder!

Watched the Superbowl commercials over at Google Video. That's 20 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. :) A good number of them were blah, but some had bits of humor and this one was a 30-second pun.

I still haven't followed up to this tag yet. (Sorry, a3nj.) I've been wondering about the term "guilty pleasures" though. To my way of thinking, pleasures don't have to be guilty. If there's guilt then something's wrong. Maybe that pleasure is not meant for you or maybe you're not being honest with someone else or with yourself in pursuing said pleasure. If you're in the clear, then why not just enjoy it?