February 9th, 2006

fox bend

Salad Days and Breadstick Nights

Went for the morris canal micro geocache this afternoon. It's in the Morris Canal Preserve overlooking the Passaic River in Little Falls.

At the A&P, the self-service salad bar is $4.99 per pound. However, over in the deli section, the deli items are anywhere between $3 to $4 per pound. So instead of picking at the salad bar, why not just get a few items from the deli and save a little money? That's what I did. I got a pound of coleslaw and a pound of egg and potato salad (That's 3 kinds of food already!) and that was lunch. As a plus, the deli guy was nice too.

I keep looking for smaller, lighter note-taking apps. I could place my notes in a wiki in my webspace but some pieces of information, especially snippets containing account numbers, should really not be public. I suppose I could set up a password-protected wiki too, which is what I may do if there is no suitable note-taker I can install locally. Anyway, this evening, I moved my notes from OneNote to EverNote. EverNote seems to be a reasonably speedy note-taking app with categories, a timeline, and a basic search feature. It also comes with a Firefox extension for making web clippings, although this extension is not compatible yet with FF What sold me though was it makes backups in XML, instead of a proprietary binary format. So if I needed to, I could write a parser to extract info from my notes.

The Consumerist has been on a roll lately with risque topics:
Both of which get an "Okayyyy...?" from me. By the way, does anyone have invitations for Consumerist commenter accounts?