February 11th, 2006


Oh, the convenience of it all

I'm not one to rush out to the store to hoard milk and bread just before a snowstorm, but I just so happened to run low on milk this evening. It wasn't that bad this time around though. Unlike some of the snow scares in the past, there weren't any milk mobs and the stores were still well-stocked.

Anyway, I went to see the new convenience store up the street. It's part of the Exxon gas station that closed for renovation a few months ago. Then when it reopened a few days ago, it had an "On The Run" store. It's not a bad store. They have an adequate selection of bagels and wraps. I noticed that some of the food items were from the deli / pizza place in Park Ridge. So I got the milk from the fridge and brought it to checkout. Then the cashier couldn't count the change because she had only nickels and dimes, but no quarters. So she let the store manager take care of it. *headsmack*

My opinion? It's okay, but it's no Wawa.

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