March 8th, 2006

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Case of the Phantom Cache Log

Got an email today from a fellow geocacher in upstate NY. Worf's Pack visited Claustrophobia or THE RING this morning and saw my log entry already in there. Yeah... so I went up to the Cold Spring area in the wee hours of the morning to beat everyone to it, right? Not so. I didn't leave the state today. And the other problem with that explanation is that cache log was dated 2/7/2004!

One reasonable explanation is the cache hider must have reused a log from an old cache. So I checked my past logs to see what I did on 2/7/2004. I only got 3 caches that day and none of those were by this cache hider. In addition, none of those caches were micros, whereas Claustrophobia was a sheet of paper in a film canister. I also visited this cache hider's profile to see what else this hider had hidden. I see that I've done 3 caches by this hider, but I visited all of them in the year 2005. So it's still a mystery where that 2/7/2004 log came from. Yes, it's the... Case of the Phantom Cache Log.

In other news, I uploaded a command-line word completion script to the Vim script archive. (It's my first upload.) Previously, I'd tried two other command-line completion scripts from the archive but both of them had some limitations. So I took a few ideas from them and wrote my own. After using this new script for a while, I submitted it to the archive. (to give something back to the community, but mostly as a backup in case I screw up my vimfiles directory)

In other other news, while browsing the Vim website, I came across a tip on integrating Thunderbird with Vim. It described the External Editor extension, which actually does work pretty well. Nice. It's perhaps a little clunky for short emails, but for longer emails that would be good to edit in Vim, it's golden.

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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Stuporman!

I'm still not at 100% yet. Not that I'm ever at 100%, but the last bit of cold is taking a while. Unfortunately, I seem to be a little worse today than yesterday and the day before. Maybe it's time to get more fried fish and have something more substantial than chicken noodle soup for meals.

In my stupor, I tried to get some things done anyway, which could only lead to disaster, although not always so. Case in point: I put in an order at Online Store A. Not 3 minutes after I did that, I discovered that a certain Online Store B had it for less, and not just that; shipping was cheaper too. (as in free!) I thought it was too late to switch over to Online Store B because Online Store A would've started processing the order already. Then I got an email from Online Store A saying that my credit card number was invalid. Apparently, I put in the wrong number there. Yay! I told them to forget the order, and placed it at Online Store B. So for once, I'm saved by bad input.

So now that I'm on MySpace, what does one do with it that isn't already done on Livejournal?

Bread statue popular with pigeons (borrowed from 321gold)
She has nice buns! (Okay, clearly I can't control myself. :) )

Whew! I think I'll go and lie down now.