April 3rd, 2006


Kids Expo gig

Woke up this morning and only realized that I'd forgotten to set the clock ahead by an hour when someone on the radio said "you forgot to turn the clock ahead an hour", in those exact words. I have no idea of the context but that was creepy. Fortunately, I'd set the alarm an hour earlier than usual so it canceled out, although there was no room for error.

Enroute to Poughkeepsie, I bagged two mall caches. (at Newburgh Mall and Poughkeepsie Galleria) Also stopped at McDonald's to use a coupon. The cashier had a disconcerting inability to read the coupon. I handed her the coupon and she rang up a free small coffee. The problem was the coupon was for breakfast sandwiches. Egads. The supervisor had to tell her what the coupon was for in Spanish.

Then I went to downtown Poughkeepsie for the Kids Expo mascot gig. grizz593 organized this event for the New England Fursuiters. Basically, our group would join the parade and then mingle with the crowd afterwards. More about the event...Collapse )

On my way home, I went for two geocaches near the Orange/Ulster county line just North of Newburgh. Found those in the dark with a flashlight, but both of them were pretty close to the road so they were quick to do.
fox sit

Monday Miscellany

From the Small Change Department: I received notice of a settlement in the Bristol-Myers Squibb class action lawsuit. I can get an estimated 15 cents. I don't think it's worth filing the claim form for this one.

From the RTFM Department: By chance, I discovered that pushing either the up or down button and mode button at the same time on the car radio initiates the radio station scan. I should really RTFM. :)

Kids Expo photos from grizz593's collection. I didn't take any pictures myself because I was in fursuit the whole time, so I'm glad some of the helpers did.

Did the Smoked Whitefish 3 geocache today. It's at Foxwood (no, not the casino!) Pond Park in Suffern. Pretty easy and I got it during a break in the rain today.