April 10th, 2006


Long Island

It was a day so perfect that I'm in awe at how well it went. And this is Long Island I'm talking about.

Where to begin? First, the weather: sunny, clear, but not hot. Because of the good weather, I went for some of the medium-length hikes to finish up those geocaches that I've been saving for when it wasn't as cold. It turns out that some of them weren't as long as I thought because I saw some alternate trailheads while driving around. Nevertheless, I think I did cover 3 to 4 miles in total. Of the 17 geocaches, all but 2 of them were in the North half of the island. (I'm taking the LIE as the center line.) The 2 exceptions were just a little below the LIE.

I'd gotten up to the 14th cache when dusk fell. (Clumsy dusk. Always falling. :) ) But I was close enough to the Port Jeff trilogy, so I went and did those quickly by flashlight. They were all in the downtown area so there was no night curfew. I think even that downtown park is open at night because people use it as overflow parking for the stores and restaurants. But it only took a few seconds per cache anyway, so no worries. After that, I headed over to the KFC/LJS in Hicksville for fried fish. This one was a lot better than the North Baldwin KFC/LJS last week. And the necessary room at this location was in good condition.

What else? No detectable road rage today. Remarkable! There was no honking, no yelling, and no rude gestures. (none that I could see anyway) No one did anything dangerous. And even more unbelievably, everyone made room every time I needed to merge or make a turn. That is unheard of. There must be a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on in this area.

Also... Long Island is getting close to $3 gas again. Lots of gas stations were around $2.85, and one gas station near Port Jeff was at $2.99.

Now the weird part: This morning, there was a street-sweeper truck going down the Major Deegan Expressway. However, instead of cleaning up, it was spreading dirt all over the highway. I think it got too close to the edge and the brushes started pushing the dirt back onto the road.

Okay, now I have to go and write all 30 of this weekend's cache logs. :)
fox sit

Must be Monday

Had to deal with a clogged toilet first thing in the morning. Ugh.

Heard more honking in the 10 minutes on my way to pay the cable internet bill this afternoon than I did all day yesterday on Long Island. Okay... Lake Street is winding and has a hairpin bend. On top of that, there is construction. So how do people expect to go full speed all the way? Maybe I should stop going to Northern NJ... umm, wait a minute.

Overloaded with emails from GEICO. (It's a spammy lizard. :) ) I think I'll deal with those in a few days time when the documents arrive in the mail. Still have more than a month before my current insurance policy expires, so there's no hurry.

NAF 16 trib is essentially done, but I want to rewrite part of the member's comments section.

Just got word about a nearby Where's George event this summer. On a related note (or bill :) ), I got this Georged $5 in change paying a Parkway toll on Saturday. Didn't know that it was already logged at first because the URL was written rather discreetly on the back of the bill. (I guess I could call it a Where's Abe bill, but Hank decided a long time ago that Where's George should be the only name for the website regardless of denomination.)