May 16th, 2006

fox sit

Rainy-Day Ruminations

It was raining today and the rain was heavy at times, but it wasn't so bad when I went out. I went for the Orchard Hills geocache in Orchard Hills park in the Town of Ramapo. (Depending on which map you use, it could be in Monsey, Suffern, Montebello, or Wesley Hills, but all those hamlets are collectively the Town of Ramapo.) As I neglected to check an aerial photo before I went, finding the park entrance proved to be tricky as the park is not adjacent to any of the main roads. I finally found the entrance on a residential side street.

My Flickr photostream passed 20,000 views today. It also passed 3,000 photos a few days ago, except that I didn't notice because I was busy uploading a large number of food pictures from a few years ago. I really should go through my vast archives of pre-Flickr photos and upload the good ones. I don't think I'll ever have time to do that, but it's a good rainy-day project. (No, better make that a blizzard-day project because rain doesn't seem to stop me from going outside. :) )

Also, I apparently crossed paths with a long-time NJ Georger but didn't know it at the time. All the Where's George bills that I spent at one of the Wawa stores on Saturday were hit. Here's one of the bills. Maybe I should go back to that Wawa store some time.

I've been wondering what I could give my parents for their birthdays. (other than the assurance that I haven't fallen off a cliff, of course :) ) They don't spend very much money on themselves and there's nothing they need that they couldn't get cheaper back there. Anyway, I was browsing an online coin dealer and came across the Lunar Year Series gold and silver coins. The idea is it's not just a gift but also an investment that will protect them from profligate governments that go overboard printing money. (but I digress) In addition, it would be appropriate to get the coins representing their birth years. (which would be the horse and goat coins) Of course, some of those coins are up into the thousands of dollars, but the silver coins and fractional-ounce gold coins are still quite affordable. Anyway, I'll think it through. Maybe order something for my coin collection in the meantime.