May 17th, 2006

morton blvd

A Not-so-rainy day

It was raining this morning, but once again, when I went out this afternoon, it stopped raining. So it's a repeat of yesterday's and the day before's weather. First, I went for the Matty Cache in the Feldman Nature Preserve in Teaneck. It's a two-part cache. There weren't any trails to the final part, so I went through the bushes, which was annoying because the bushes were wet from the rain.

Then in the evening, I went for the Silent Soldiers geocache. This one is in Greenview Park in Pequannock. It's a familiar place because one of the chess series caches was in the same park. The only reason it looked different at first was because I came in from the opposite end of the park for ZugZwang. Anyway, I was FTF on Silent Soldiers probably by less than half an hour because the next visitor was there shortly after 7pm. (I was there at about 6:45pm or so.)

I've been neglecting the countdown, so here it is: 4,972 caches down, 28 to go. I was going to do #5000 in Pittsburgh, but it looks like it'll be a bit past that milestone by the time I get there. No biggie.

From MadMan's Web: New outsourcing opportunity for India

I'm mad as hell and I'm.... oh wait, better outsource that too. :)