May 31st, 2006


The fuse

Bank of fuses in the car

Weekend is over, so it's time to deal with that fuse problem. As we last left off, the cigarette lighter socket wasn't working but the other power outlet was still good. So this afternoon, I swapped the fuses for the two power outlets. (Thank goodness for the diagram behind the fuse cover showing what each fuse is linked to.) Once I made the swap, the cigarette lighter socket was okay and the alternate power outlet was dead, proving that it was the fuse that needed replacing. So I went to Autozone in Spring Valley and got a pack of 15 Amp fuses. (Only 50 cents per fuse. Such a bargain.) Put it in and everything works now. Well, that was easy.

Called the spammy lizard this evening. It was about a liability coverage matter that has been bugging me since last year. My previous insurance provider was no help at all, so I figured since I just switched to the lizard, I might as well call them to see what they can do. What a surprise! After a 15-minute phone call with a short questionnaire, the rep took care of it and will be sending me the documents in the mail soon. So that's one less potential problem to worry about and I'm glad it's taken care of before Anthrocon.