June 3rd, 2006

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Friday and such

South Mountain Reservation - Trailhead

2nd day of rain.

The postman always rings twice? Well, apparently that's not true in my area. When I got home yesterday afternoon, the mail hadn't arrived yet. Then when I was about to leave home, I checked the mailbox again and there was an "Attempted delivery" notice inside. Funny, I was there the whole time and didn't hear the postal carrier ring or knock or anything. He just snuck by and left the delivery notice without attempting to deliver! So this morning, I went to the post office in town to pick up the package.

There's a special on Edy's ice cream at the supermarket, but I noticed that the ice cream containers are now 1.75 quarts instead of the half a gallon that I thought they used to be. So it's not really cheaper compared to past specials. Smells like stealth inflation to me! Anyway, I got the 5-quart tub of bulk no-name ice cream. (That's the substitution effect at work. :) )

Borrowed from The Consumerist: McDonald's Small Breakfast
Uhhhh... why not just eat the hashbrown?

Borrowed from Gasbuddy:
Oil Prices Jump As Gasoline Demand Rises
Oil prices fall after U.S. suggests dialogue with Iran
Make up your minds! :) I doubt news reporters have any clue why commodity futures fluctuate. They see the fluctuations and then hunt around for possible reasons why.

Borrowed from the geocaching forums: My 5000th find discussion thread :)

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