June 20th, 2006

morton blvd

After Anthrocon

Ready to go home

Con's over. Time to head home. So jbadger and I packed up and brought our luggage down to our cars. It took me 3 trips! Egads. Checked out at the hotel front desk and got a bunch of cash back. Went for a western omelette breakfast at the Steel City Diner. Then, after a few last goodbyes with friends, I drove out and headed out of the city.

On my way to Pittsburgh a few days ago, there were a few caches at I-80 Eastbound rest areas that obviously I could not get to easily. So I did all of them on my way home. Very easy and there were no surprises. I also could not resist stopping at the Goodwill thrift store on Route 28 in New Bethlehem to take a quick look. I'm glad I did because they had a few good 49-cent items. Such a deal.

As for road food, I remembered where the Sheetz and Wawa stores were on my way to Pittsburgh, so I went to the same places on my way back: Sheetz in Du Bois and Wawa in Blakeslee. I think Sheetz has an excellent selection of quick-serve food, but they're lacking in the green tea iced tea department, i.e. they don't seem to have that. Wawa, well, I know Wawa. However, I noticed that the Blakeslee Wawa is particularly well-stocked. I didn't have cache information for the Blakeslee area. However, I was curious so while I was at the Wawa store, I punched the coordinates into my cellphone to do a geocache query on wireless web. Turns out there was an easy cache not far away, so I went and did "Way too easy cache". (Yes, that's its actual name. :) )

A few miles out of Blakeslee, I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. So I made an emergency stop on the side of I-80 to check it out. I thought I'd gotten bitten by a fire ant but there wasn't anything like that on my foot. And it also didn't hurt any more. Hrm. Then I noticed that just a few hundred feet away, there was a disabled car. So, thinking that my foot was trying to tell me something, I called the state police and gave them the disabled car location info. I figure even if nothing was wrong with the car, they can inform the driver about the rest area (and geocache... heheh) just a few miles ahead.

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