June 23rd, 2006

No Parking

In the mood for Moodna

Moodna Creek

Headed out this evening to seek the Moodna Creek geocache in Mountainville, NY. It was an easy cache hide by the river, although getting from the road to the river involved going through some thigh-high weeds. Fortunately, many people have gone that way before me so there was a bit of a path through the vegetation.

After that, I had fried fish in New Windsor.

I still had some big bills from my trip (from the hotel refund, from people who paid me for various things, and from making change in the Dealer's Room), so I went to the local bank to change those to singles for Where's George. I noticed the teller made a mistake. She took the money and put it in the drawer, and then asked me how much it was. Wait a minute! If I were dishonest, I could've said a higher amount. Good thing I'm not like that. So here's the procedure I recommend for making change: Take the money and leave it on the table while you count out the singles. That way, if you miscount or if you forget how much you were supposed to be counting out, the money's still there for your reference and not mixed up with the other cash in the drawer.

In the Joel on Software forums, there is an interesting discussion on how we may be subliminally blocking out Google ads. This suggests that web designers have to be careful not to inadvertently make their web content look like Google text ads, or people will miss it. It also spells trouble for Google because most (heck, nearly all!) of their revenue is still ad-based.