July 5th, 2006


State shutdown


The State of New Jersey has shut down. Now bear in mind that the budget gap has to be closed one way or another and the people, of course, will be on the hook for it. So what they're really debating is, not whether taxes will be raised, but how. Corzine wants to hike the sales tax. Democrats in the legislature want to raise taxes on payroll, tobacco, computer services, and car rentals. Either way, New Jerseyans will end up paying for it all, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the sideshow enroute to further statism. (Unless you're a casino or state worker. Then it'll be a tough week.)

It's ironic then that I just got a user ID in the mail for the DMV's website. Not really useful at the moment. :)

One way in which the state government shutdown is affecting me is they closed the state parks too. I was hoping that they would just stop collecting the entrance fees but no, they're blocking access to state park areas. So regrettably, I've temporarily disabled this cache. Incidentally, this discussion on the geocaching forums does not provide a definitive answer as to whether one can access the state parks on foot or via dirt roads. My guess is in state forest areas that are criss-crossed by dirt roads, no one is going to stop you from driving in. Just don't go running to the ranger station when your car gets stuck in sugar sand. :)

I was able to get a spare memory card for the camera this evening. When I went to Staples to cash in on an empty toner cartridge, I noticed that 512MB SD cards are on sale and on rebate. For a spare card, I think that's good enough. Also went to Ramsey's Farm to get more pears, since I'm having a pear fixation all of a sudden.

Then I went to Moe's in Mahwah (ooh, an alliteration) to have a chicken nachos. (or "Billy Barou", as they call it) The last time I had that, I thought it was mediocre, but in my current frame of mind, it really isn't that bad. Adding some of their mild salsa helps. I still would prefer Qdoba though.