August 2nd, 2006


Toasty Tuesday

Dugout dog

The car thermometer read 102°F in the afternoon. It was hot even at 2am in the morning when I went to the bank to use the ATM. Hope it gets cooler soon, or I'll have to move the bed to the living room where the air conditioner is.

This evening, I went to Moe's in Mahwah for Taco Tuesday. My visit wasn't really about the all-you-can-eat promo, although that's a bonus. I just wanted to be somewhere with air conditioning and wi-fi internet for an hour or two while waiting for the weather to cool down. I had 4 tacos (3 soft and 1 hard), which seemed about the right amount. Also had the usual colorful tortilla chips. In addition, they comped me the drink.

Accidentally left a wallet (not the important one, but the other wallet that only has WG$ and supermarket cards) sitting on the car windshield. No one took it. Whew! And there I thought I'd have something to write about societal decay. :)