August 7th, 2006


Queens and LI

View of Manhattan

Attempted a bunch of geocaches in Queens today, before heading out further to Nassau/Suffolk. Geocaches have a dismal track record of survival in the city. From what I've seen in the cache logs, many caches are suspected or confirmed missing. That is not a surprise as most city parks are quite busy so it's possible that a non-geocacher could stumble across a cache by accident or see a geocacher retrieve it. So the kind of cache that would survive is typically in a spot that is annoying, difficult, or dangerous to access. How annoying? Well, I had to jump a barrier to get to one and I had to go through a hole in the fence and then up an overgrown (and poison-ivy-filled) steep slope to get to another.

The geocache on Roosevelt Island seemed rather non-annoying to access. The trick there would be finding a parking space. However, most of the locals didn't seem to be aware that on Sundays, parking was allowed on the other side of the hospital. So that's where I parked for a slightly longer walk. While there, I took a look at the smallpox hospital ruins, and also the views of Queens and Manhattan. (Roosevelt Island is between Manhattan and Queens.)

After finding a few caches in Queens, I headed over to Nassau and a bit of Suffolk County for a bunch more caches. Then I ended the day with dinner at LJS in Melville.

The caches...Collapse )