August 9th, 2006

morton blvd

The same, only more

Near Harrison train station

Compared to Monday, Tuesday was the same, only more. In the evening, I hit 3 geocaches in Westchester:
  1. Down On The Corner: Street corner in Mamaroneck. (FTF!)
  2. Train Stop 2: Train station in Mamaroneck.
  3. Train Stop 3: Train station in Harrison.
I was surprised that traffic was free-flowing all the way. Isn't there usually a traffic delay around rush hour at the Tappan Zee Bridge or is that just on Friday evenings when the crowd heads out to New England for the weekend?

After the little excursion, I came back to Moe's in Mahwah for (all you can eat) Taco Tuesday. This time, I had 5 hard tacos. I think the hard tacos are smaller than the soft tacos because last Tuesday, when I had some soft tacos, I could only finish 4 tacos. This evening, in addition to me, there was also a table with 7 people indulging in Taco Tuesday, so the taco guy had to keep frying up the taco shells. Also, I wasn't the only person there with a notebook computer this time. (Which is good because if I'm the only one using the wi-fi internet, they're going to start wondering why they provide it.)

Note to self: Be careful not to drop collectible coins! The metal is soft and the coins will get dented.