August 18th, 2006

fox stand

Don't spend it all in one place!

Bumper sticker

I'm now a lender in 5 loans at Prosper. I was aiming for 20 loans to build a diversified portfolio, but this is a good start. 2 of the borrowers have already made their first payments.

Travel bugs are a subgame within geocaching where items with trackable numbered tags are moved from geocache to geocache. Here's the story of one:
It's interesting to see how long and far The Penny has traveled and how geocachers have repaired and enhanced it along the way. They're good people. (usually)

Went to the Ramsey Quiznos in the evening. The whole sidewalk has been dug up (which explains why all the downtown trees were cut down) for utility work. Of course, since there was no sidewalk, it was a bit trickier than usual getting to Quiznos. I had to go down the side street a little to get behind the cones and barrier to get to the front door. "It's a maze!" quipped the restaurant manager.