September 1st, 2006

fox stand

Time enough for counting

Plush husky and Sheetz Nachoz

This afternoon, I used the coin counter at Commerce Bank in Ramsey. (on Lake Street, not the one in the strip mall. Yes, this town has two Commerce Bank branches!) I only had a small amount of change so I was sure there weren't any weird coins in this batch. Poured them into the coin counter. Then this foreign coin and 2 UK pennies came down the reject chute! Okay, I think I understand what's happening now. These unusual coins aren't from me. They aren't even from the previous user who may have forgotten to check for rejected coins. (I watched the previous user and she did check.) These coins were stuck in there all along and I somehow dislodged them when I used the coin counter. Of course, that means some of my rejected coins could end up getting stuck in the guts of the machine too, but you win some, you lose some. In a way, this is fun. I never know what kind of prize I'll get each time I use the coin counter! (Wait a minute... don't they call it the Penny Arcade? How appropriate.)

No Badlands or Quiznos coupons this evening, so I made dinner. (I have Popeye's coupons but I'll save them for next week.) I baked chicken nuggets and Texas Toast. Ended dinner with some fruit. While waiting for the food to finish... uhh... heating up, I tidied up a corner of the kitchen. You see, I have a formidable heap of paper napkins and plastic bags from restaurants and stores of all kinds. As I was bundling up the napkins and bags, I noticed that there was a spider living in there. Nature loves my mess! I didn't find my parents' keys in there though. I'm beginning to think they didn't leave their keys here after all. If it's a ruse to get me to clean up my place, then that's rather crafty of them! :)

And finally, I got an email from a Starwood Hotels E-communications Department representative. As I mentioned, when I made the hotel reservation for Anthrocon, I had to call the hotel twice because the first reservation clerk made a mistake. So I filled out the online feedback form and in the comment box at the end of it, I described what had happened. So the email I received was an apology for the mistake. I wasn't too concerned about it but I'm glad that someone actually read the feedback.