September 13th, 2006

morton blvd

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Duck Duck Goose geocache (GCY1N7)

I think it may have gotten to the point where I can't add any more hobbies. I planned on going to the Parkway rest area to pick up some postcards, but I've had errands to run every afternoon this week and none of those errands were by the rest area. Also, rather inconveniently, the travel store in the rest area isn't open at night.

This evening, I visited to the Train Stop 4 geocache. It's in a small wooded area next to the Rye train station. By now, I've seen enough train stations that I could probably commute from Westchester. :)

After that, I went to Moe's in Mahwah for Taco Tuesday. This is a Summer special, so I didn't know whether they were keeping it going after Labor Day. Apparently, they are still having that. So I had 5 chicken tacos and used their wireless network.