October 16th, 2006

chestnut husky

Breast Cancer Walkathon / Queens

Redbird on display

On Sunday, I did a mascot gig at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Queens 2006 in Kew Gardens, Queens, with Damian K., jbadger, flykat, mejeep, jimwolf24, and jappodawg. It's a fundraiser walkathon by the American Cancer Society. The main part of the event, where we did the gig, was in front of the Queens Borough Hall on Queens Blvd.

I got there early but apparently not early enough because I was only able to find a parking space about 1/3 of a mile away from the event! Anyway, I had a bit of time so I did the Cache That Redbird! geocache, which happened to be the same block as the event.

Then I went back to the car to get the fursuit tub, and schlepped (well, when in New York, you gotta use the local lingo :) ) it to the Borough Hall area. I met mejeep at the corner by the cache site. After a little while, we met the rest of the group in front of the Borough Hall. Then we went into the Borough Hall to suit up.

We started by cheering the walkers as they returned. Then jbadger and I snuck off to the tent area to mingle with the crowd. I brought jbadger over to the Redbird cache and he logged it in fursuit. Fursuit geocaching: Is that a first? After that, they had a dance in the street so we joined in. They wanted to break the record for most people doing the Electric Slide with about 8K people at the event. Does it count if not everyone knows the Electric Slide? :) After that, we had a little photoshoot at the subway car that was on display at the corner. Then we packed up and left.

Post-gig lunch was at Baluchi's (Indian restaurant) in Flushing, where we got in just under the wire for their 50%-off lunch special. I had chicken vindaloo.

After lunch, I squeezed in a few more geocaches in Queens before sunset.

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