November 4th, 2006


Central Jersey and Monmouth

Columbia Park

Cold but sunny. Most of the geocaches I visited today were by kevtel81 and Atanas. I see a pattern where new geocachers place a whole bunch of caches in their hometown, and then I come by and scoop up all those caches in one day.

Lunch was at Quick Chek, where kevtel81 had placed one of his caches. These convenience stores are becoming more and more like Wawa all the time. This particular store now has made-to-order sandwiches and touchscreen ordering terminals. If they start having good iced tea, I may just go there more often. I also noticed that this store, in Dunellen, is store #001 on the receipt. I wasn't sure at first, but I checked their history and it really is the first store!

I was delayed by an auto accident on my way to "Ceres". Actually, I was within sight of the cache spot. So near, yet so far. After about 10 minutes, the ambulance left the area and traffic started flowing again. Despite the delay, I still completed this cache before dusk. Speaking of which, heading off to dinner at 5pm still feels way too early, but at least I had no problem parking at the restaurant.

The caches...Collapse )