November 6th, 2006

morton blvd

As it types to a waiting world...

Baldwin Park

Went for the First Year geocache this afternoon. It's at Sarachi's Pond in Ramsey. I got there are started looking for a while. Then Outdoors Lady came by. Actually, we probably both went to the park at the same time. The difference is I knew the way to detour around the road construction, whereas she walked in from a bit further away. We searched for a while but couldn't pick out the cache. Oh well, can't win 'em all, but it was a nice day to be outside.

The NJT Plauderville Cache (NJT#1) also looks like a tough one, although so far everyone seems to have gotten hung up on the calculation, not on the actual search for it. I'll have to get out to Saddle Brook and try this one eventually.

This early darkness has its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, as I saw this weekend, I was done geocaching early, had dinner early, went home early, and thus had time to finish the laundry and actually be current on uploading the weekend's photos. On the minus side, it got dark early so there wasn't enough time to find a boatload more geocaches that were out on Long Island. But there's always next weekend.

Used the free sandwich voucher at Quiznos in Ramsey. I got an Ultimate Italian sub. This turned out to be a more difficult voucher to figure out than I thought. The Quiznos manager had to check the manual and call Quiznos headquarters to find out what to do with it because it's not like any of the other coupons.

I didn't have time last week, but I finally was able to take part in a tradition this time of year: the post-Halloween candy sale. There wasn't much left by this time, but I really only wanted a few bags.

Today, I received two Postcrossing postcards: one from Singapore and one from the Philippines. That brings the total to 24 sent and 13 received.