November 20th, 2006

where's george?

Bridgewater Where's George Gathering

Bench just outside the bank

Because I hadn't been reading the Where's George forums (Yes, Virginia, there is a limit to the number of forums I can follow.), I didn't know about this Where's George gathering until this morning when RXBX emailed me about it. So, this being a test of how quickly I can put things together, I threw together the geocaching stuff and the WG stuff and set out towards Bridgewater.

Got 4 geocaches along the way. I didn't have the information for "Corner Store", but I got the coordinates from my cell phone and navigated there following the GPS arrow and whatever memory I have of the area.

The WG gathering was at Houlihan's in Bridgewater, the same location as last year's October gathering. There was a "free wi-fi" sign posted in the restaurant, but none of us could get it to work. Oh well. I had the chicken enchiladas with a salad. After the meal, we paid with a 2-inch stack of bills because we're crazy like that.

After the gathering, I went to Flemington to do a cache at night (but really, that place was all lit up so the darkness didn't matter) and to hit the Wawa store on US-202 before heading home.

The caches...Collapse )