November 23rd, 2006

fox yawn

Turkey Day without turkey, but with cookies

Tuckerton Railroad

Whoops, no turkey. Well, seeing as how I'm still about $280 in purchases short of snagging the free turkey at Pathmark (okay, so I didn't shop much there this month), I'm not roasting a turkey this year. However, I still have Popeye's coupons, so I went and got a box of chicken this evening. Also have biscuits and a side of beans and rice. However, depending on the weather, I may end up not staying home tomorrow.

After a bit more experimentation, I figured out what's wrong with my phone and XHTML-MP. My phone parses and renders the markup just fine. It only doesn't understand the "application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml" MIME type, even though it says that it accepts that MIME type. Actually, I'm not even sure it's my phone saying that. The Accept header could be coming from Sprint's gateway. So a quick change of the MIME type to "application/xhtml+xml" and it's happy.

I also came across a problem with the Openwave Phone Simulator. I run an Apache server with PHP locally for testing. If I access the site using "localhost" as the host address in the URL, cookies don't work. But if I do the same using "" as the address, cookies work. Similarly, when I put the app up in my webspace, "" in the URL address works, but not "". (K-Meleon, on the other hand, sends the cookies over with no problem in all 4 cases.)

That was a bit of a puzzler, so I did a web search and found this discussion thread. It turns out that the Openwave Simulator saves cookies only if the domain name follows the rules in this 7-year-old cookie spec! Hrm. As soon as I figure out what exactly the domain rules are in RFC 2965 then I'll know who is handling cookies properly. Then again, this is way too heavy for a holiday.