December 1st, 2006

Cane #2

Borders Bother

A bundle of crisp sequential dollar bills

Where's George was down for a significant portion of the day today. Considering that I really only go there to enter bills and look at hits, one wouldn't think that I would miss the website much, but I did. When it came back, I was inspired to call the bank to order some $2 bills. Since I haven't done that in a long, long while, I only made a small order, $400 worth. I'll see how this goes before making a larger order.

I failed to use my Borders Holiday Savings Rewards this evening. According to an email I received recently, I had apparently accumulated about $33 in rewards. So, since I had a 30%-off coupon, and since I'd checked their store inventory to make sure that the book I wanted was in stock, I planned on using the reward balance this evening. Went to the Borders store in Ramsey. First problem was all the Book Sleuth terminals were down, so I couldn't find out which shelf the book was on. I checked the shelves in the general area where I thought it would be and didn't see it, so I asked customer service. Well, their terminals worked so the store staff was able to locate the shelf. Which brings us to the second problem: The book wasn't on that shelf. He admitted that the computer book section in this store needed to be reorganized. Ah well. Left empty-handed. One wonders how much they've lost in sales because of books that were misplaced and can no longer be found.

Once again, I have cracked soles. Well, one foot is not too bad but the other one... ugh. Did a web search and came across these suggestions. I have udder cream, so I'll try that first. The superglue technique sounds interesting too.

It's the last day to submit photos for issue 8 of JPG Magazine. I didn't think I had anything suitable for this issue's themes, but I checked my archives and came up with 2 possible submissions. In the highly unlikely event that my photo is chosen, Plush Husky will be in print. Here's hoping.

I'm glad I'm not on the Internet 24/7. :) (Borrowed from wtf_inc.)