December 29th, 2006


Long Island on a weekday and the Queens diner meet

There's a reason why I don't usually go to Long Island on a weekday: Traffic there is horrible! (Also, of course, I'm not usually on leave like I am now.) I encountered quite a bit of traffic congestion, especially at some busy intersections. Anyway, the real reason why I went out to Long Island on a weekday was to attend the Dinering...from the verb..2 geocaching event at the Mark Twain Diner in Jackson Heights, Queens. Needless to say, I did a bunch of geocaches before the diner meet, which was in the evening.

At "Run of the Mill", there were lots of thorns and sticker bushes. Enroute to the geocache, I thought I felt a draft and the thorns seemed to hurt more than usual. So I checked and saw that the thorns had ripped my pants leg. Argh! Fortunately, I had safety pins so I used those to fix the tear temporarily.

After I was done out on Long Island, I turned around and headed back West towards Queens. I couldn't resist getting a cache in Queens at night, so I did "JV69" on my way to the diner. Then it was time to go to the diner. Fantastic event! It was good to see everyone there, especially some geocachers from the NYC area whom I've never met before. jbadger was also in attendance.

After the diner meet, jbadger and I went out to find some nearby caches at night. That was fun, but we had to stop after the second one because it was getting late.

The caches...Collapse )