January 13th, 2007

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Friday Non-lite

Fallkill County Park

Earlier this week, I got a memo at work about business discount arrangements that we're having with a few area restaurants. It's nothing new. For quite some time now, there's been a discount at the nearby hotel restaurant that I've never used because even at the discounted price, a lunch entree is about $12 and I'm sure they expect gratuities to be based on the sky-high non-discounted price. What's new is we now get 20% off every Friday at Boston Market one town away. So that's what I had for dinner this evening. (The memo said the discount was for lunch, but apparently it's good all day long!) Nice. Now if only I could get a business discount at LJS. :)

I also got a few straps of $2 bills at Commerce Bank in Ramsey. The trick seems to be to catch them when they have the bills because they didn't call back when I ordered the twos in December. So I entered all those bills into Where's George and I'll spend them at CompUSA dissipate them slowly into the local economy.

Apparently, there are a few wrinkles to using a USB external hard drive. One such wrinkle is Windows won't stay hibernated while the drive is still attached. It hibernates and then immediately resumes. So I have to "safely remove" it before hibernating. The problem then is the system comes up with the drive still "removed". The workaround is to unplug it and then replug it into the USB port, but that could get annoying to do every time, so I wondered if there was a way to reattach it in software. Yes, there is, although I'm not sure that it's a much better solution because it does cause quite a bit of system activity searching for and reinstalling the drivers.

And finally, while reading some housing bubble blogs, I came across Zecco. I guess this is what happens when a brokerage goes Web 2.0. It even has blogs! The big draw, however, appears to be that it has zero commissions on stock trades. (both market and limit orders) There, I'm a bit skeptical. I had an account at Freetrade, Ameritrade's version of a zero-commission brokerage. Not even a year after I opened the account, they concluded that the zero-commission model didn't work because not too many people were using their paid services. (as I recall, one of their subscription services was real-time quotes, which I didn't need because the kinds of stocks I pick don't move very much within a minute or two -- not enough to make a difference in the quantities I traded anyway) So they moved everyone over to Izone, which has $5 trades. That wasn't so bad (although Sogo Invest and Interactive Brokers are cheaper), so I stuck with them and actually used them more than I used Freetrade. Anyway, back to Zecco: I think it would be wise to wait a while before putting money with them because they're very new at the game and need to work on a thing or two. This customer, for example, had a bad experience with their service recently. Perhaps I'll just sign up for the blogging. :)

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Island of Rain

Rainy day but temperatures were over 55°F in the afternoon! Headed out to Long Island. After finding a few geocaches in Queens, I went further east and found a bunch of geocaches in the north half of the island, turning back when I reached Huntington.

MAM's Micro #5 was in the front yard of the whaling museum in Cold Spring Harbor. I noticed that the museum was open and I was in direct line of sight of the front desk. Not wishing to behave suspiciously today, I went into the museum to make sure that it was okay to look around outside for the geocache. They didn't know that there was a geocache out in front, so I explained and we had a pleasant conversation. Then I went outside again and found the cache, and showed the museum guy where it was. So it should be okay now and he won't be wondering why people are poking around outside the museum.

Not so pleasant was what I heard at the LJS in Melville. One of the locals insulted another of the locals. No provocation or anything, so it appeared that someone just wanted to demean someone else. Also, just because it didn't happen to me doesn't make it any better because it's a sign of societal breakdown.

Traffic delay on the Bruckner Expressway in the Bronx on my way home because of an accident. I should've used my knowledge of the area and switched to a local street but it was too late for that.

I also used some $2 bills on the Parkway. It's funny that the toll clerk actually had to think for a moment to figure out how much change to give me. I'll do that again tomorrow. :)

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