January 22nd, 2007


Freeze that is not tasty

Went down the Jersey Shore today, although I think I only got to Monmouth County. It was another cold day. The temperature was at 30°F, changing very little over the course of the day. Fortunately, it wasn't as windy as yesterday. I noticed that Shark River and at least one creek were frozen, but several other streams were still flowing.

I started a little late, so I found the last two caches at and a bit past dusk. The last one was interesting because I found it almost right away in the dark even though I wasn't pointing the flashlight in the correct direction at the time. Somehow, I just knew where it was.

Went to two Wawa stores, in Keyport and East Brunswick. Dinner, however, wasn't from Wawa. I saw a Subway restaurant while I was in Neptune. Since I had Subway coupons, I figured why not? So I got two foot-long subs, one to eat there and one to take home, at a $4 discount. (almost like getting one of the subs free) I know what's for lunch tomorrow! Speaking of coupons, here's a new way to get coupons. One of the geocaches had Checkers coupons. Since I had far more Popeye's coupons than I could use, I traded coupons. It has occurred to me that I could simply leave my excess coupons in geocaches without trading anything. I haven't done so because I don't know if anyone else would want them and if no one takes the coupons, those will expire and become garbage.

I've been using $2 bills at Garden State Parkway toll booths. So far, only one toll clerk slipped up counting change for a two but he realized his mistake pretty quickly. Most of them give me a dollar bill and a bunch of coins in change. One of them actually gave me a dollar coin in the change. And one toll clerk asked if I really wanted to part with the $2 bill. I told him that I could get twos at the bank any time. (Which is true. I can either order the twos or call all the bank branches to find out which ones have twos in the vault.)

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fox sit

New Tricks for Old Dogs

Babylon Town Dock

Light snow this evening. More 30°F weather.

Gas stations near my place are slow to lower their prices. So yesterday, I filled up at one of the Route 17 gas stations in Saddle River for 12 cents/gallon less. Of course, I should have filled up in South Jersey where prices were already below $2/gallon.

One thing I learnt in the Where's George forums this evening is that the website is now able to sort hits by distance. So I did that and at 18,518 miles, this bill is my furthest traveled bill. It went from New Jersey to New Hampshire to Australia to California over a period of 2 years 114 days.

The second thing I learnt was from a group discussion forum in Flickr. In each of the "Popular" sections (Intereting, Views, Favorites, and Comments) under "Your Photos", you can go beyond the 10th page simply by editing the URL to "page11", "page12", etc at the end. I had no idea Flickr allowed that but it will be useful for, among other things, quickly figuring out how many of my photos have had 100 or more views. (Answer: Currently, 945!)

Anyway, the point is even though I've been on those two websites for a long time (especially Where's George, which I've been using for over 7 years!), there are bound to be tricks or new features that I haven't heard of. So it pays to read the forums now and then.