January 25th, 2007

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The Great Ramada Runaround

Nature Conservancy in Cold Spring Harbor

Still no progress on the hotel reservation. I called them again this morning and got a reservation clerk on the line. At first, she sounded like she didn't even understand the concept of "group rate". Egads! Then I started explaining what I wanted and she transferred me to the marketing department. So okay, I spoke to a representative there and she could not find any account with the "FA United organization". (She asked me if it was some kind of Asian tour group. Haha!) I asked to be transferred back to the reservations department and I got a different reservation clerk. This time, at the first mention of "group rate", she transferred me to the Director of Marketing! Yeesh! Too bad the Director of Marketing wasn't in office at that time or we might have gotten somewhere. (or maybe not)

So then I told craydrygu about this and he gave me contact info for FA United's contact at the hotel. So I called that number, but she was either busy or not in. I left a message and haven't received a callback yet. As always, I'll try again tomorrow. We still have 6 months to straighten this out. :)

I also posted some last-minute (or last-day, rather) submissions to JPG Magazine for their upcoming issue. My photos are unlikely to be chosen for the magazine but those have already gotten a bunch of votes (and one favorite) from other JPGers.

I also lost a hat. This happened over the weekend out in Hicksville on Long Island but I forgot to write about it. It was a very windy day. A strong gust of wind knocked my hat off and blew it into the sewer drain! No, I didn't try to get it out because I couldn't reach it through the grate and besides, it was only a one-dollar hat. The funny thing is I always thought that this kind of thing would happen one day, but when it finally did happen, it was still a surprise.