February 12th, 2007

chestnut husky

Stony Brook Seawolves Mascot Day

On Sunday, I joined rapidtrabbit, freakylynx, Damian, foxwell, jappodawg, jimwolf24, Rez, Dreamwolf, and skyfirefox for Mascot Day at this Stony Brook Seawolves basketball game. The game was in the indoor sports center at the Stony Brook University campus in Long Island. Aside from our group, there were a few other mascots present: Sparky the Dragon in his NY Islanders colors and a polar bear mascot from WALK 97.5. Of course, Wolfie the Seawolves mascot was there too.

I planned for an 11am arrival, so I thought I was a little late. Then I found out that we were expected there at noon and the game only began at 2pm. The back entrance to the sports center was closed, so I brought my fursuit and stuff over to the front entrance. I started to ask the lady at the front desk where the mascot changing area was but Jimmy Wolf was there already so I just followed him down to our secret underground hideout. Actually, that was a press room that had been converted from a locker room, so we actually had our own restroom and showers! There was also a press conference table with microphones, so naturally, we had to play fursuit press conference. Yes, we have video and pictures, but not on my camera so I'll have to wait for someone to post those.

Then the spectators started arriving, so we went up to the front entrance to welcome them. I got into some group photos. Also played with some of the kids. Some of the kids were really playful, running around and chasing, putting their hats on the mascots, etc. But I noticed that some kids were quiet and just looked at me with an expression of semi-wonder, which meant that I had to try something random like peek-a-boo, shoulder pat, or nose touch. You can tell which kids are going to grow up introverts, although I'm one myself so I tried to give them a little more attention. And oh, among the people streaming into the building, one guy actually did identify my fursuit as a husky, which amazed me because people usually say I am a wolf or a (generic) dog. Or even a rabbit, which boggles the mind.

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