March 7th, 2007


Curtains for CompUSA


I received two rebate checks from CompUSA for the external hard drive. Those may be the last checks I ever get from them because, other than the stores in Manhattan that I don't visit, all the CompUSA stores in my area are closing. I'll remember CompUSA as the store where the cashier wouldn't take $2 bills, but apart from that, I don't think I've had many problems with them. I simply don't shop there much because, except for the occasional deep-discount special, their prices aren't the best. In addition, I noticed that the store employees tend to avoid customers. (Or maybe they were just avoiding me because they think I'm difficult. :) )

I also got free food from Qdoba because of my two-year anniversary as a Q-card holder. The email actually says "Limit one anniversary per year" just in case someone's not clear on the concept of anniversary. :) I stopped going to Qdoba because I was annoyed at not being able to claim my free bonus entree due to their not fixing their broken Q-card reader for months, but I guess I'll go back one more time to claim this gift.

A Postcrossing postcard that I sent to Singapore came back in the mail this afternoon with an "incorrect address" sticker on it. It was meant for the Postcrosser whom I emailed to ask if her address was correct because I suspected there was something wrong in her listing at the Postcrossing website. She replied that yeah, it's correct. And now, I see that the mail has bounced. What a waste of postage!

A carrot, an egg, a cup of Oolong tea, and an inspirational message.

Also from that same blog, don't take investment advice from politicians!