March 8th, 2007

chestnut husky


The Green Muffin

I did the laundry for the costume body and gloves on Sunday morning but I only just got around to cleaning the mud off the footpaws tonight. At Saturday's Penguin Plunge gig, there were wet areas on the asphalt and grass from the snow melt and so the feet got some mud splatters. Anyway, Bubble Gund seems adequate for the task. The feet are somewhat cleaner now, although I still have to go over a bigger patch of mud one more time to finish the job.

Borrowed from wawa_lovers: College students on a mission to visit every Wawa store!
Good luck to them! That's something I wanted to do too at one time, but I didn't keep good records of which ones I've visited. I'm sure I've been to dozens of Wawa stores already.

Is Zorpia spamming? I got one of their referral emails today, but when I did a web search on the name, I saw quite a number of Zorpia referrals sitting in mailing list archives.

After reading this article, I signed up for Google Apps and I'll be putting it on one of my domains to give it a go. There's nothing new about the apps (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Page Creator, Docs and Spreadsheets) in the package because you can already access them all through a Google account but I'll see what else they offer at the organization level.