March 18th, 2007


I'm not Irish but...

Lehigh Parkway

I actually had geocache information ready for a different region but the snowstorm and then the overnight sleetstorm informed my decision to take it easy and stay nearby. So I went to the Kiss Me I'm Irish! Geocachers Meet and Greet. It was at the Black River Barn in Randolph.

I started late so I didn't see any accidents on the roads along the way, except for one truck in the median of I-287. Many local roads, however, were significantly narrower because of the snow banks on both sides and part of US-202 was still covered in snow and ice.

Got to the event safely. Had a good time. I had the Black and Tan Lamb Stew, one of the St. Patrick's Day specials. After the event, I went geocaching in the area with Math Teacher, who was visiting from South Jersey. Geocaching with about 10 inches of snow cover is tough, so it was good to have someone to help with the digging in the snow.

In the evening, I went for dinner (not Irish) and Asian pears (So not Irish! :) ) in East Hanover.

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