March 21st, 2007

morton blvd

Third Tuesday #2

Eisenhower Park

My first photo on Flickr to get 1000 views is the big crack in the road at Centralia, PA. No, I have no idea what's so interesting about that particular photo.

This evening, I went to Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. This is the second meeting of the monthly event and it was just as good as the first meeting last month, with the additional plus that the weather was good this evening. There were plenty of tales to share, many travel bugs to trade, and lots of unlimited jalapeno cheese to eat with the burgers and fries. We actually stayed until Fuddruckers kicked us out. The restaurant closes at 10:30pm? Who knew?

Of course, on my way to the event, I found a few geocaches in the Downtown / Main Street series in Central Jersey:
1. Downtown / Main Street USA: Woodbridge, NJ
2. Downtown / Main Street USA: Edison, NJ
3. Downtown / Main Street USA: Metuchen, NJ

All of them were easy. I had just a bit of trouble with the last one but then I saw it sitting on the sidewalk, having apparently fallen off from wherever it was.