March 23rd, 2007

morton blvd

Thursday Triple


Despite being a weekday, Thursday was rather good for going out geocaching. In the afternoon, I noticed that two new geocaches had popped up nearby, so I went out to get them right away. First, I visited Rock On! This one was in a patch of woods between an apartment complex and the Interstate Shopping Center in Ramsey. The odd thing about that spot is there's a No Parking sign in the middle of the woods. Okay... good to know you can't park there even if you somehow got a car between the boulders and the trees. There was snow on the ground so I thought the microcache would be hard to find but it wasn't. I saw it sitting on top of the snow, so it must have been placed after the most recent snowstorm.

After that, I went to CrazyTree, or Assault and... on the Ramapo College campus in Mahwah. I parked on campus although I really did not have to do that because the cache site is accessible by parking at the sports field and then crossing US-202. Fortunately, security did not stop me from entering the campus. This cache site is interesting because there's a tree there with all kinds of junk nailed to it. I wonder if this student project has appeared in Weird NJ magazine. I got FTF on both caches.

In the evening, I found Memorial Micro at Memorial Park in Maywood. I actually went for this one a few days ago, only to discover that the cache site was buried under more than a foot of hard snow. The problem is the cache was right next to the parking lot and facing the parking lot. (That is not generally a good idea for a cache placement.) So the snow plow dumped a pile of snow on top of the cache site. This evening was a different story. After a day of 70°F sunny weather, enough snow had melted to reveal the cache hiding spot. So it was an easy grab and I got FTF on that one too.

After that, I went to CompUSA in Northern Paramus to take another look at the closeout sale. I can't imagine why I thought there would be a plethora of deals waiting for me when just last week, I couldn't find anything worth buying, other than books. There still isn't much worth buying, although books are now discounted by 40%.