March 25th, 2007


Central Jersey Mudventure

The temperature went up to around 56°F today. Most of the snow has melted, with the exception of a few stubborn piles of snow. Because of the snow-melt, there was water everywhere and hence a lot of mud. Just walking around in the woods, I got mud all over my boots and pants. I'll wear the same pants for tomorrow's excursion before putting it in the wash.

Today was also the day I hit the 6000-find milestone. Of course, I didn't stop there. I got up to #6002 before the rain started. Then I went to Edison for Asian pears (I'm actually slightly overstocked on those Asian pears now, but no matter. Maybe I can eat two of those per meal. This variety of Asian pear is not that big.) and dinner.

It was also Shutdown Day today. You kids and your Shutdown Day. Why, back in my day, when I was vacationing in Chesapeake, Virginia, Hurricane Isabel caused a power outage. Now, that was a shutdown day! No electricity for more than 24 hours. Nothing to watch or listen to other than the rain and the howling wind. And we liked it! Actually no, it was a horrible experience, but I chatted with some other people staying at the motel and found out that the guy next door was also vacationing from New Jersey. What a coincidence that was!

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