March 26th, 2007


Monmouth County

I was planning to go to Long Island today, but I heard a radio traffic report on roadwork and numerous road closures around New York City, and also some road closures out on Long Island for a marathon. So I decided to just continue further down New Jersey from where I stopped yesterday. I went mostly to Monmouth County.

For most of the day, it was sunny and only about 52°F. In honor of the good weather, I decided to do at least one significant walk and that was "Just for Fun 2" in Allaire State Park. I was actually familiar with the parking area and the trail going in, so it was easy to find my way to the geocache. I hadn't realized how much I missed walking through the pine woods.

Wawa stores seem to be gradually disappearing from this part of the Jersey Shore. While driving around Monmouth County, I saw several stores with the standard Wawa store design but rebranded into another convenience store, usually "Hometown Market". Fortunately, the Wawa store near Parkway Exit 91 in Brick was still there, so that's where I got dinner and stocked up on iced tea.

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