March 27th, 2007


Taxable Tuesday

Shepherd Lake

Yesterday evening, I went to the Poisoning Pigeons geocache at Finch Park in Ramsey. I've driven past that park many a time but I never thought of hiding a cache there. Why? Because that park is almost all open fields and parking lots. Well, I guess someone found a way to hide it... right next to a parking lot! I hope it doesn't get stolen but I don't think regular-sized caches can be hidden safely in a strip of woods that is mere feet in width. There was an open wi-fi network at that location though.

Later, I spent half the night finishing up and packaging my Federal and State tax returns. I already had all the data in Taxcut, so one would expect that I'd just have to sign off and be done, but that wasn't the case. It's the final review of all the forms that took a while. Then I printed both tax returns, 22 pages for Federal and 8 pages for State. Good thing I didn't have to send most of the supporting worksheets. Including all the worksheets, the page count would've been over 170! Then I wrote checks for taxes due. ($1266 for Federal, $316 for State) Then I wrote another check for the Federal estimated taxes. For the State estimated taxes, I was able to send an e-check via the NJ Taxation website. So that was a little time saved.

This afternoon, I went to the post office in town to send those tax returns by certified mail. Then I went to Great Chinese Buffet in Nanuet. There's a story there too. A few months ago, I received coupons in the mail from them. Until today, I hadn't had a chance to go. Since the coupons were expiring, I made it a point to go there to use one of the coupons. When I got there, I saw that they had a stack of coupons by the cash register. Heh, they probably would give the discount to anyone who asked. I can't say that I would recommend this restaurant though. The Chinese buffet was mediocre even if they did have fried fish. They also had a Mongolian BBQ but they weren't doing that at lunchtime.

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