April 13th, 2007

morton blvd

Choco-egg Hoard

Cadbury Creme Egg

Another day, another geocache. So this evening, after the rain stopped, I went and found Another Option in Northern Paramus. It's near Fashion Center. (which is neither fashionable nor central) After that, I visited the LY2272 benchmark (aka "H 103") at the intersection of a road and a railway track in Allendale. Only had to look down this pipe to see the survey disk.

CVS sent me an email last night saying that I could get $5 in bonus Extra Bucks for making a purchase with my Extra Care card. So I went and bought one chocolate egg. The cash register spit out the $5 Extra Bucks together with the receipt. Then I used the Extra Bucks to get 15 more chocolate eggs free of charge. Hah! That's how you game the system. Of course, with this purchase and a bunch more from earlier this week, I now have enough chocolate eggs to last until June. Oh boy.

I finally finished entering all the book ISBNs into aNobii late last night. The book count on my aNobii shelf is now 985. In a way, that's disappointing because I thought I would have a thousand books, but hey, there's room for expansion. :)
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End of the week

They'll need a bigger box!

Went out to White Plains in Westchester to hit a cache and a benchmark this afternoon, which wasn't a good idea because I got stuck in slow traffic going back across the Tappan Zee Bridge. I found 1hr. Parking, which was a roadside magnetic keyholder cache near signs saying "1 hour parking", of course. Then I visited Benchmark LX1207, which is on the sidewalk of the Lake Street overpass.

In the evening, I headed out to Orangetown (across the state line from the home town) to Veterans Memorial Park to find Benchmark LX7660. It's just a few steps off the parking lot at the edge of a soccer field. What's unusual today is there are white plastic sheets surrounding the survey disk. I took a closer look and it says "Aerial Target". So if you stand there at the right time, you may show up on Google Satellite.

I checked Coinflation today and saw that each nickel is now worth 9.25 cents for metal content. Hmm... are you pondering what I'm pondering? So this evening, on my usual bank run, I asked for a few rolls of nickels. Yes, the bank had those. The teller brought out a whole tray of rolls of nickels. Instant 85% profit! Of course, I can't take advantage of that right away because coin-melting has been criminalized, but who needs to melt coins? Think about the way silver dimes and silver quarters are now worth more than face value to numismatists. Perhaps in the future, nickels too will be worth their melt value. But for now, we wait.