April 27th, 2007

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Tobay Beach

It's raining heavily right now but the day wasn't bad at all weatherwise. It was cloudy but around 60°F for most of the day. So in the afternoon, I went out to find the Winters Pond geocache. It's by Winters Pond in Mahwah. However, demonstrating unfamiliarity with my own locale, I parked in the wrong parking lot and then used the wrong trail to get there. Even so, it was easy. Then I had a meatloaf carver at Boston Market, which was just down the road from the park. I'm glad that Boston Market now allows use of coupons on carver combos. Last year, they didn't allow that, which is why I complained to them and then stopped going for a while. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'll start going to Boston Market regularly, but they're useful sometimes when I happen to be in an area with few other choices.

In the evening, I went for the Desperation geocache in Paramus. True to the name, I must have been desperate to go for that cache because there aren't many good things I can say about the area. It was a trash-strewn spot behind an office furniture store. I came across many bottles, cans, takeout food containers, and even an old shoe, while searching for the cache. (I put the shoe in a nearby dumpster but I left the rest alone because it's not my responsibility.) Also, the cache, when I found it, was full of ants. It was a candy tin so if the cache owner didn't clean it thoroughly, ants would be drawn to trace amounts of sugar in the tin.

I just added my 1000th book to my aNobii shelf. Quite a milestone. However, I would've gotten there a bit earlier if I had entered my eBooks. (I acquired a few of those over the years and downloaded one more just this afternoon.) So here's a question: Should I enter eBooks into aNobii? Each eBook I have is an electronic copy of a print book, so it has an ISBN. On the other hand, it doesn't feel as permanent or real as a regular book. A slip of the fingers and I may accidentally delete my last copy of an eBook. The aNobii FAQ says nothing about eBooks so I guess it's up to each aNobii-er (Another question: What should we call someone who uses aNobii? :) ) whether to include eBooks or not.